Lenovo Unveils 3D Laptop

The 3D craze has now crossed over to personal computers with Lenovo‘s announcement of its IdeaPad Y560d, their first laptop with a 3D display, aiming to bring users to a whole new experience in movie watching, photo browsing, and game playing.

The Y560d features a TriDef 3D system consisting of a 15.6-inch 3D screen with HD 16:9 aspect ratio, software, and polarizer glasses. It can even make 2D photos and movies converted into 3D as it displays on screen. Other features include up to 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive, Dolby Home Theater Surround Sound, a Core i7 processor, a Radeon HD5730 chipset, Windows 7, and a really cool-looking decal on the cover.

The waiting game last until the end of June, as it hits Lenovo’s online store, starting at US$1,199.99.

Source: Gizmodo, via CrunchGear

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