Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

One of the most talked-about new products at the CES 2010 is Lenovo‘s ARM-based, Snapdragon-powered smartbook, a first in the industry.  The Lenovo Skylight is a netbook that runs on a low-power operating system usually found in smartphones and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm, thus creating a fast-performing, very mobile device.

The Lenovo Skylight appears thinner than most smartphones, weighs less than two pounds, and has a high-def 10.1-inch screen.  It contains 20GB of standard flash, 2GB of cloud storage, 1.3-megapixel camera, twin USB ports, 8GB miniSD card slot, and has a battery life that can last for up to 10 hours, enough to watch two or more movies.  Meanwhile, charging time is as fast as that of a mobile phone.

Connectivity features include built-in WiFi and 3G, which users can use both, for fast and easy online access.  It is also preloaded with web-based add-ons like Amazon MP3 to download music and Roxio CinemaNow to buy digital movies.

The Lenovo Skylight is expected to become available beginning April 2010 in the United States, with prices starting at US$499, service plan from AT&T not included.  It will also be shipped in China and Europe later in the year.

Image source:  Lenovo

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