Lenovo Sets Sights on US Smartphone Market

Lenovo has announced it plans to offer its smartphones in the United States sometime around 2014, according to The Wall Street Journal. The China-based company has had its share of success in its hometurf, being the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the country and a domestic market share of 11.4 percent. While its smartphones are virtual unknowns outside China, Lenovo has begun its expansion efforts, starting with emerging markets.

Lenovo’s recent smartphone sales have shown a significant increase, with shipments last quarter increased over 100% from last year. Its mobile unit even achieved profit for the first time, with a revenue of over $998 million.

The company stops short of revealing any more details apart from telling its intention of selling handsets in the United States, such as the exact time period when it would officially start selling its smartphones or what kind of devices it would offer. Its current smartphone lineup runs on Android and has one of the few handsets in the market that has an Intel chip inside.

But what we do know is that Lenovo plans on adjusting its marketing strategy for the US market accordingly. Yang Yuaqing, the company’s CEO, even compared the smartphone market to the fashion industry, describing how its high-profile competitors like Samsung and Apple has been launching massive marketing campaigns.

Despite its success in the domestic smartphone market, Lenovo’s PC unit remains its chief income generator. It is currently included among the top five PC vendors in the US and it is on the running to overtake HP as the leading global PC brand.

Source: Wall Street Journal, via Techspot

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