Lenovo O1, First OPhone from China Available in September

Lenovo Mobile O1, China's first OPhone

Lenovo Mobile becomes the first company to introduce China’s first OPhone handset, which supports the country’s own standard of 3G technology.  The Lenovo O1, which will become available through China Mobile beginning September, paves the way of how the communist country would be able to embrace this new-found technology. 

Meanwhile, China Mobile hopes that Lenovo O1 would become their "holy grail" that will make the world’s largest mobile carrier a leader in 3G service, which has already been claimed by rivals China Unicom and China Telecom.

Powered by Android, the 3.5-inch Lenovo O1 can pretty much do what is expected on a 3G mobile phones, from GPS to Internet access to Digital TV, aside from China Mobile’s instant messaging client and mobile mail service.  Users can also download applications from its in-house app store. 

Image source: Lenovo Mobile

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