Lenovo Announces Smartphone With Built-In Projection Keyboard

Lenovo Smart CastThe smartphone market has become quite competitive and tight. Only the best and innovative models seem to catch attention, not to mention brand recall. Well, that is what most smartphone makers aim to do if they wish to survive in the market. In the case of Lenovo, their recent innovation is having a smartphone with a built-in projection keyboard.

Lenovo recently announced its newest smartphone, the Lenovo Smart Cast. The company is touting it as the world’s first laser projection smartphone. This new smartphone features a pico projector with a gesture-based control system. What this means is that this smartphone has the ability to turn any flat surface into a smart display. The smartphone can project a virtual keyboard that operates using gesture-based controls. Users will be able to type through the virtual keyboard when the phone’s limited screen area may not be enough.

The Lenovo Smart Cast remains as just an announcement from its maker. No other details are available other than those features just mentioned. The company has also not mentioned when it will be available, where and for how much. We might need to wait a bit more to see one in the market.

Image Source: Gizmodo

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