Lenco 2.1 High Powered iPod Speakerball

It seems that there is no let up for iPod and iPhone accessories. Just as long as Apple devices remain quite popular, there are literally hundreds of other devices that would want to be associated with them. Whether to provide a much needed function or add some bit of form, iPod and iPhone accessories come in many shapes and sizes. With the new Lenco 2.1 High Powered iPod Speakerball, both form and functional features seem to be present.

The new Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball is unique in form in that it is shaped like a ball, quite different from most iPod speakers available. This makes it interesting enough, just as its speaker function does as well. It comes with high fidelity twin speakers capable of 6W of sound output. There is also a built-in subwoofer to provide some heavy bass at 20W maximum output. It also charges a connected iPod or iPhone while being used. This new Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball is available at Firebox for 80 UK Pounds or US$130.

Image Source: Lenco

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