Leica M8 Safari Limited Edition

Leica M8 Safari

Leica is a company with a long history of making quality cameras since the early 1900’s. And with the emergence of the digital camera as the more popular version for still image capture, the company is still there producing such cameras but with the distinctive Leica touch.

Consider the Leica M8 Safari, a limited edition offering by the respected camera manufacturer. At one point, a person might see it as an ordinary camera by any standard. In fact, the Leica M8 Safari has that distinctive classic look typical of cameras from this company. But a closer look would reveal a digital camera with advanced features built in.

The Leica M8 is actually the first digital camera model from Leica’s M series. The M8 Safari is the limited edition version available in its olive green painted body together with a silver anodized finished LEICA ELMARIT-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH lens. This digital camera is capable of capturing images with its low noise CCD sensor at a 10.3 megapixel resolution.

Operation of the camera is made simpler to let professional photographers concentrate in taking high quality images and not on the controls. But then it does away with other automatic features that make most of today’s digital cameras so easy to use.

The Leica M8 Safari is a digital camera for professionals who look for creativity in the images that they capture. It is the type of camera that only photography professionals and serious enthusiasts would take time to appreciate. And with that in mind, this limited edition jewel is only available for the 500 people willing to have a part of a piece of history that has gone digital.


Image Source: Leica

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