Leica M8 Digital Camera in White

The German camera maker Leica revived the look of its classic model Leica M with the Leica M8, utilizing all the benefits of the analog model for a more sophisticated and creative digital photography.  After much success, Leica decides to come up with another version of the M8.  This time, it is painted in white.

White or not, you can still enjoy the greatness of the Leica camera, which incorporates the rangefinder system with its advantages of discreet and quiet operation, speed, and especially precision.  The Leica M8 is also compatible with all M lenses, making its unique imaging performance work in digital photography as well. 

Meanwhile, Leica’s high performance M lenses now come even better with the 6-bit coding.  The low-noise CCD image sensor has up to 10.3 megapixels worth of resolution, specifically matched to the extreme requirements of high-res M lenses.  The Leica M8 also comes with a new raw data converter called Capture One4, which can convert its raw data format (DNG) into various file types.  It is the combination of high-quality individual components that ensures Leica M8 of the best image quality

Leica M8 is focused on the essentials and not on the controls, although it is still simple and intuitive.  It deliberately dispenses with multifunction keys as well as nested menus.  All the main settings are available in clearly structure menus shown on the bright 2.5-inch display.

(Image source:  Leica-Camera.com) 

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