LEGO Digital Camera

Lego digital camera

This news would send cheers to many kids at heart.  LEGO Systems, Inc., has announced that they have just forged a licensing deal with Digital Blue, an electronics and software company targeting the youth and teen market, to create a new LEGO-inspired electronic gear that includes…hold your breath… a brick-built digital camera.  The whole electronic line is said to be released on summer 2009.

Although the prototype design of this LEGO Digital Camera appears to have been built out of random bricks, they do not necessarily come apart.  But come to think of it, that would be a great idea for parents to assemble the camera after their kids accidentally (or out of curiosity) drop it.  Other specs about this colorful LEGO camera are still scarce.

Apart from the digital camera, LEGO and Digital Blue will also release value-priced video cameras, MP3 players, and other electronic gear that would excite LEGO fans worldwide.  The gadgets are classified under four lines, including Brick-Built, Portable Electronics, which features fully-functional digital electronics.  Aside from the digital camera and MP3 player, this line would also include walkie-talkies and USB drives that appear to be built from classic LEGO bricks.

Digital Blue will also bring LEGO’s BIONICLE line to a new level with digital cameras and stop animation video cameras available at Toy "R" Us.  This robotic action figure line will also have its direct-to-video feature.  LEGO will also branch out to Home Electronics, which includes boom boxes and alarm clock radios featuring its classic brick elements scaled to oversized proportions.

"Our entrance into the youth electronics space will enable our fans to express themselves through photos, videos, and music, while displaying their enthusiasm for one of the world’s all-time favorite toys," said Jill Wilfert, vice president of licensing for LEGO Group.  "For the many people who create their own LEGO movies and photo vignettes, these products will be not only attuned to their interests but cater to their hobbies as well."

The consumer electronics line for LEGO will be available at price points ranging from US$19.99 to US$59.99.

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