LEGO Batman Headlamp

LEGO Batman headlamp

LEGO Batman headlamp

Love LEGO? Cool! Love Batman? Great! You would definitely find this quirky gadget an essential in your outdoor adventures.

The LEGO Batman headlamp features an officially-licensed Batman figurine placed on a bright yellow headband. Where is the light, you ask? It’s right underneath the hero’s feet! Simply press his chest to turn on the light, then adjust the legs to aim where you need the LED light to beam. It also comes with metal keychain so you can also use the headlamp on your backpack, your jacket, or even use it as a belt.

This gadget is equipped with 2 CR2025 3V batteries, which can be replaced easily in case they die out in a matter of months. The figure measures 3 inches tall and is ideal for ages 5 and up.

The LEGO Batman headlamp is available online for $18.

Source: Thinkgeek

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