LED Digit Magnets

People like to make a statement in many different ways. Some do it through actions. Some do it through their voice. Some even use graffiti as their means to make a statement. But as for the geeks at heart, statements are made using technology. One may probably use this unique LED Digit Magnets in order to do so.

The LED Digit Magnets is a unique way for people to make that refrigerator door a platform for their stand on things. They can make a catchy message or statement using the fluorescent green LED magnets and post it on refrigerator doors or any metal wall where the magnets would stick. There are 566 magnets inside each tin, giving users more than enough magnets to express what they feel. It would surely catch the attention of anyone who might be passing by. The best thing about it is users can immediately take it down if they think that they are becoming too bold at making statements. The LED Digit Magnets are available at ThinkGeek for US$15.

Image Source: Think Geek

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