Le Whif Inhalable Chocolate

There are now a lot of ways to enjoy chocolate. But inhaling them is certainly not the common way to do it. But there is a company that tries to change that perception. It provides a unique way to enjoy chocolate- by inhaling them instead through the Le Whif Chocolate.

Le Whif is a unique means to get your chocolate fix without having to think of the calories. Le Whif is a lipstick sized inhaler that contains tiny grains of chocolate. When inhaled the tiny particles then provides a instant taste buzz that can be so intense despite only containing less than a calorie. It is a more unique way to enjoy chocolate and does not create a problem when it comes to adding it to your current diet to stay slim. A single Le Whif is available at their website for 1.80 Euros. That is around US$2.50 each. LeWhif sets are also available in case you want more of it.

Image Source: Le Whif

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