Le Samourai USB Sunglasses

If you wish to check out some unique eye wear, the Web has several pretty unique choices for you. Unique need not be something that will make you look different in terms of wacky or crazy designs. You might prefer uniqueness in terms of some features that other eye wear makers haven’t yet thought of. If such is the case, then the unique Le Samourai may just be the eye wear that you are looking for.

Even the name may catch your attention the instant you hear it. Le Samourai is a unique pair of sunglasses made by Mings International Development Co. Ltd, a known distributor of Alain Delon eyewear. Le Samourai is just one of their newer products that may also be one of their more unique pairs of sunglasses. What makes it unique is that it is equipped with its own USB flash drive. The unique flash drive is mounted in the frame of the sunglasses and comes from 1 to 16GB capacity options. It is available at the Le Samourai website although there’s no word yet on how much it will be priced.

Image Source: Le Samourai

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