LCD TV Prices to Dive Even Lower


With the economy weakening, it is difficult to keep a smile. But there are some things which we should not fear or cry about since not all bad news are, well, bad. This reflects on gadgets whose costs are predicted to drop. Among these particular things is the LCD plasma TV.

The prices of these gizmos have dropped to a very substantial amount, and everyone will not have second-thoughts about buying it. According to predictions, these flat gadgets will reach these figures:

  • 19′ high definition LCD TV – $199
  • 32′ high definition LCD TV – $399 to $499
  • 40′ 1080p LCD TV – $799 to $999
  • 42′ high definition plasma TV – $599 to $699
  • 50′ high definition plasma TV – $899 to $999

This can be a great opportunity for those who are planning to buy any of these gizmos. In fact, this can serve as one of the best gifts for the holiday season. With an honest-to-goodness price, we can expect buyers to hit the shops soon.

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