Latest Vine Update Introduces “Revine” Function

Vine now has Revine feature

Vine now has Revine feature

The latest Vine update for iOS, introduced last Wednesday, unveils a number of new features.

Included among the new stuff are the 15 additional channels ranging from comedy to cats. Vine users have an option to submit their videos through these channels and allow more users to see their latest moving (or stop-motion) creations.

There is also a new “On the Rise” section that features hand-picked Vine videos that have been gaining virality on the service, as well as new capture tools like grid and ghost tools made to add new dimensions to your Vines. You can now also create a protected account so that your Vines can only be seen by specified users.

But the most exciting highlight in this latest Vine update is the ability to “revine” Vine videos to your followers, much like how you would retweet a post on Twitter. This is especially useful to Vine users who are more of a “sharer” than a “creator”, or those who are seeking for inspirations for their own Vines.

You can now download the latest Vine update on the App Store. No word yet when it would transcend on its Android and Kindle Fire counterparts.

Source: Mashable

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