Lasonic And Rap Up Limited Edition i931 Ghetto Blaster

Lasonic Rap Up i931 Ghetto Blaster

If you haven’t wondered yet just how many accessories are there available that you can use your iPod with, then you have to take a look at the Limited Edition i931 Ghetto Blaster courtesy of Lasonic and Rap Up. This cool gadget may easily catch your drift just by looking at it.

The i931 Ghetto Blaster looks a pretty dressed up boom box straight from the 80’s. It really looks that way, what with the design the cool knobs and those old school boom box 12-inch speakers. But what makes it unique is that it is an iPod dock where you can play your favorite iPod tunes through this 80’s inspired cassette stereo system. It also comes equipped with an AM and FM tuner, an equalizer and an alarm clock. And yes, it charges your iPod aside from just a docking station.

Cool to have this Limited Edition i931 Ghetto Blaster for an iPod dock. Too bad that you can’t bring it along with you walking down the street, typical of the 80’s boom box street thing. Weighing about 25 pounds, it might be hard enough finding a place for this hulking iPod dock in your room. But that is what the 80’s were all about- the bigger the boom box, the better. At about US$ 190 and available at Lasonic, it can make your iPod look bigger and cooler in your room if you have enough to fork up for it.

Image Source: Lasonic

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