Laser Printer vs. Inkjet Printer

Laser printers:

As the name implies, laser printers use laser beams to function. Laser printers also operate faster and are very accurate.


A laser printer’s main components include: the image processor (with its own memory) which is programmed to convert text data into raster images. These images are in turn stored and are now ready to be printed; the charged roller or corona wire, a photosensitive drum, negatively charged toner, a fuser assembly, and lastly, the laser assembly.


Laser printers have higher resolution which means they have better print quality. Look closely at a page printed on an inkjet and you’ll notice that the edges of each font have smoother edges. Laser printers are more expensive. Their toner is costly. However, the good thing about toners is that they do not need to be changed often.

In fact if you’re using a laser printer at home you may not need to change toner for a long, long time. Because of their printing speed and quality, laser printers are perfect for office use.

Inkjet printers:

Inkjet printers print pages by sputtering droplets of ink. Their resolution is is fairly low, or at least lower than a laser printers.


An inkjet printer has the following parts: the print head which contains the nozzles that spit out droplets of ink; ink cartridges, print head which moves the print head and ink cartridges back and forth across the paper; the belt which is used to attach the print head and the ink cartridge to the stepper motor; stabilizer bar to ensure precise and controlled movement, the paper feed assembly and interface ports.


Inkjet printers are the printer of choice for color printing. The newer models have superior color clarity and brightness. Inkjets are still the printer of choice for printing pictures. Inkjets are also cheaper than lasers. However, their ink cartridge is fairly expensive. But if you only need a printer for limited home use, the inkjet is your best option.

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