Apple plans to launch large-screened iPhones?

Larger-screen iPhone in the works?

Large-screened iPhone in the works?

Whenever the Wall Street Journal reports about a rumor on Apple, you better take that news like the Bible. This time, the publication publishes a report Thursday on the possibility Apple will unveil two new iPhones this year, both of which will feature a larger screen.

Citing unnamed sources, WSJ adds that the tech giant from Cupertino will release a model of its flagship smartphone with a screen larger than 4.5 inches, while another model is larger than five inches. The current version of iPhones only have four-inch screens.

The smaller of the two upcoming large-screened iPhones is said to be further along and is being prepared for mass production. Meanwhile, the larger model is in its primary developmental stage. These large-screened iPhones are said to be part of Apple’s continued attempts to penetrate the Asian markets, especially China where phones with larger screens are king.

The last time Apple increased the size of its iPhone screen was in 2012, when it bumped up from 3.5 inches to four inches. Those who are hoping for a curved iPhone may need to lower their anticipation, as sources say the technology is not part of Apple’s 2014 plan.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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