Landport Solar Powered Speakers

Using renewable energy for everyday devices seems to have become a cool thing nowadays. This may be the main reason why many solar powered gadgets have become quite popular in the consumer market. You can add up this new Landport Solar Powered Speakers in the mix.

The Landport Solar Powered Speakers comes from Japan where it was just recently introduced and is eyed for release around March. It is a uniquely designed twin speaker system armed with its own lithium rechargeable batteries and with a solar panel on top. It is designed to gather as much solar power as possible to charge the batteries that run the speakers. At full charge, the Landport Solar Powered Speakers can be used for 8 hours continuously. The Landport Solar Powered Speakers is designed for use with your iPods and mp3 players through a stereo mini input. It is set to cost around 5,250 Japanese Yen which would be around US$58.

Image Source: Landport Japan

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