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usb lamp socketPeople nowadays own multiple portable gadgets that they use daily. Some even have more than they even need to own. The more gadgets you usually have, the more power outlets you need to have available for recharging them. While some homes may have limited ways to handle any increase of outlets to recharge those devices, there are other interesting options available. If you have a desklamp available at home, why not also allow it to charge your portable USB devices with this unique LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger?

Additional Charger

The LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger is a unique addition to a desk lamp or any other light source in the home that uses a standard light bulb socket. What it adds is a USB slot feature that will enable you to recharge your portable devices conveniently whenever the need arises. You simply place the LampChamp into an available light bulb socket before light bulb. It carries a USB socket where users can connect a USB-charged device to recharge its batteries. The LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger is perfect for bedside lamps and allow users to recharge their gadgets overnight and just within reaching distance.

The LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger is not dependent on whether the connected light bulb is switched on or off. The USB slot is continuously powered while the light bulb attached to it can be turned on and off by the light switch. So the next time you need to have your tablet, smartphone or any other USB device recharged, you will always have one available in the LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger. It is available at Amazon for $20.

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