LaCie's Tentacled USB Hub

LaCie USB Hub

Sometimes, it is not the most high tech features that can attract people to certain gadgets. There are times that unique design and looks also make products sell. Styling sometimes has a lot to do with how some gadget gets second looks from people. Consider this stylish USB and Firewire combination hub from LaCie for the PC and the Mac.

The LaCie USB Hub seems to look like something you would consider as an art piece of sorts rather than just a typical USB hub. It’s really a unique take on a common PC accessory with its unique design. The LaCie is shaped like a round, white ball of a vase, somewhere along that line. This serves as the base of the hub.

Protruding from its "mouth" are several flexible cables, looking like stems of a plant or menacing tentacles, whatever your take on it may be. These cables consist of 5 USB 2.0 and 3 FireWire 400 ports. Also included are 8 colorful USB LED’s, a USB fan and a USB light. The LaCie USB Hub allows users to connect an additional 4 USB ports and 2 FireWire ports to connect 6 devices to the computer simultaneously. Quite a unique device to have around, the design for this USB hub is an Ora-Ito original and is available at LaCie for US$90.

Image Source: LaCie

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