LaCie Wireless Space Network Hard Drive

Having a network hard drive benefits an office or a home with multiple PC’s. Having a network hard drive allows having a single storage solution shared among several computers instead of having one for each. It would even be more convenient if that network hard drive is wireless, just like the new LaCie Wireless Space.

The LaCie Wireless Space is a wireless storage solution that can operate as a file or media had drive for multiple PC’s. This device does the job by taking advantage of Wi-Fi technology to connect into a Wi-Fi network and function as a back-up hard drive for different computers within the vicinity. Aside from that, the LaCie Wireless Space can also work as a b/g/n access point to improve Wi-Fi performance or work as a full-featured router. The LaCie Wireless Space currently available in Europe in 1TB and 2TB models. It is set to enter the US market sometime in October. It’s expected price starts at US$230.

Image Source: LaCie

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