La Sardina Lomo Cameras Look Like Tin Cans

While some photographers brag about the megapixels in their DSLR cameras, others took a different rought by reviving an alternative school of photography called Lomography, which uses a specialized camera with fisheye or pinhole lens and an unadjustable 1/100 shutter speed. It is probably because of the vintage looks of Lomo photographs why its new cameras often have that vintage design.

Thankfully a new batch of Lomo cameras decide to ditch the old school to come up with quirky designs. The La Sardina series are made to look like tin cans commonly used for sardines. These plastic cameras feature a 22-millimeter plastic fisheye lens, the usual 1/100 shutter, and bulb settings that can be adjusted into three different levels of intensity. The design of clip-on flash attachment appears like the light bulb seen in old cameras; it even comes with a set of gels in four colors.

La Sardina uses a 135mm film and comes in four different designs, two of which can be sold with flash. The basic set costs $59, while the complete bundle is sold for $100. Head on to to see the rest of the tin-can designs.

Source: CrunchGear

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