Kyocera Echo Dual Touchscreen Smart Phone

Smartphones seem to get more and more unique in order to capture a certain niche in a highly competitive market. Smartphones need not only appeal because they have more features. They also need to have that unique feature that other smartphones may not offer. An example would be this new Kyocera Echo Dual Touchscreen Smart Phone.

The new Kyocera Echo smartphone features a unique dual touchscreen display that other smartphones may not yet have. It is composed of two 3.5 inch high resolution WVGA displays that come together when the smartphone is opened. The two displays uses a revolutionary pivot hinge that allows the two displays to operate independent of each other or together as a single large display, similar to a tablet in some ways.

The Kyocera Echo is powered by Android 2.2 with hotspot capability that can provide WiFi support for up to 5 devices.   Its other features include a 5MP camera with digital flash and zoom, 720p HD video support, better 3G data speed, Bluetooth connectivity and GPS among many other features. The new Kyocera Echo is currently available for pre-order and may enter the US market via Sprint. There’s no word yet on its possible pricing.

Image Source: Echo by Kyocera

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