KwikSet Kevo Lock

Kwikset KevoKeeping your home secure still makes use of the same locks in existence for several decades now. While technology has introduced added home security options, it is not evolving as fast as it should be. But nowadays, innovation comes with making them even more convenient. One of the more interesting options now available is the KwikSet Kevo Lock.

The KwikSet Kevo Lock is a unique and innovative door lock system for the home. Instead of the usual way of opening the door lock with a key, this special lock system allows users to use the smartphone as the key by using Bluetooth. Users need not even take out their smartphone out of their pockets to open the lock. All they need to do is touch the Kevo lock and it will recognize the smartphone and unlock the door. All users need to do is to download the Kevo mobile app free from the Apple Store. Currently, the app is available for iPhone 4S and 5 models only. Eventually the app will be available for other smartphone models. The app allows users to set up the Kevo lock as well as send out eKeys to some trusted people coming in and going out of the house. The eKeys will authorize others to open the Kevo lock when recognized.

Aside from this smartphone functions to open the Kevo Lock, there are also other access options available such as the use of Kevo Fobs. It also comes with the same touch to open technology available for smartphones. All users need to do is have the Kevo Fob inside one’s pocket or purse. Simply touching the Kevo door lock will also open it. The Kevo Lock from KwikSet offers a new and convenient way to open the door lock without having to fumble the keys. It is also safe and secure as it only will recognize the smartphone owner and makes use of military grade encryption methods for Bluetooth to open the locks. The Kevo Lock is powered by 4AA batteries that can last for a year under normal use. In cases when homeowners fail to change the batteries on time, they can use the standard key to unlock the door. The Kevo Lock offers a new and convenient way of opening doors using today’s technology. This Bluetooth door lock is set to be available during the summer and is expected to cost around US$200.

Image Source: KwikSet

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