Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter Can Opener

The most common can openers may not be as safe as you think. The usual ones that lets you handle the can when opening can offer some risks of getting cuts on your fingers from the sharp edges. One way to prevent this is by using a can opener that makes use of a “touchless” system like the Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter.

The Swiss-made Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter is a can opener that lets you open cans using a safer alternative method. It features a “touchless” system that keeps your hands off the lids when opening them. As it opens cans, there are no sharp edges since it cuts right below the rim with the lid not ever falling into the can’s contents. It also features a patented Lid Gripper that can open even the most stubborn of cans. The Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter is available at Kuhn Rikon for US$16.

Image Source: Kuhn Rikon

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