Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant

Kraftwerk Portable Power PlantThe need for power for portable devices continues to increase. As the devices become more powerful and advanced, their need for more battery power also increase. Sometimes, relying on the gadget’s battery may not be enough. People may sometimes need to bring along additional power banks to supplement the need for more power. Most power banks available are external batteries that store power for later use. If you are looking for another alternative, this Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant may be an ideal option once it comes out in the market.

The Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant is a unique device that makes use of new energy supply technology to provide power to mobile electronic devices. Unlike a typical power bank, Kraftwerk is a portable power plant, making use of fuel cells to generate power to charge portable devices. It uses technology that converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. Because of this, it no longer requires recharging unlike current battery technology. You just refill it with commercially available lighter or camping gas. Standard refill cartridges are also readily available making it convenient to use.

Whenever you need power, you just plug on your device via the standard USB slot on the Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant and that’s it. A 3-second fuel refill can provide power for your devices for weeks. It can generate power enough to recharge your iPhone 11 times. It is also relatively safe to bring along just about anywhere. It is even FAA approved for bringing along aboard airplanes. The Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. You can fund the project for $750 and you can get the early version of the device and be an early adopter. Estimated delivery for the first batch of devices will be on December of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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