Korg Wavedrum Mini Percussion Synthesizer

Some of us spend the boring hours just tapping on the desk and turn it into an improvised drum. Imagine if that leisurely activity can be turned into the next musical genius.

Korg introduces the Wavedrum Mini drum synthesizer, consisting of a singular digital drum pad and a built-in 1.3W speaker. It features an extensive list of sounds that include strings, synth tones, and percussion instruments. The Wavedrum Mini is also packed with 100 present rhythms, as well as a loop function to build multiple layers of beats.

The highlight of the Wavedrum is its clip-on sensor that can be attached to almost anything; tables, paper cups, the sneaker you are wearing, name it.

Expect the Korg Wavedrum Mini to become available on the third quarter of 2011. Pricing is still unavailable.

Source: Technabob

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