Kopi KBar USB Charger Power Strip

People nowadays require a means to have their portable devices charged when its battery power empties. People sometimes cannot find the means to do so, especially when it comes to their portable USB devices. There are times when the charging facilities are quite occupied. It’s either a USB slot may not be available or the power outlets are all used. If only the power strips can charge those USB devices. Fortunately, there’s the likes of the Kopi KBar USB Charger that can.

The Kopi KBar USB Charger is actually a 3-outlet power strip that is also equipped with two 21-Watt 5-Volt USB ports capable of charging two high power mobile devices. It allows portable USB device users to have an added option to recharge the depleted batteries of their devices when all the other options are filled up. It is a handy addition to the home or office for those who find themselves having no place to charge their devices all of the time. The Kopi KBar USB Charger Power Strip is available at Kopi for US$60.

Image Source: Kopi

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