Konnext OneAdapter Twist: Charge your MacBook anywhere

OneAdapter Twist

OneAdapter Twist

MacBook users who carry their laptops around the world know that charging the device requires a multiple plug that adapts to every power plug standard in different regions. While there are already plug adapters in the market like the PlugBug or Apple’s own world travel adapter kit, both products require swapping plugs. The Konnext OneAdapter Twist, however, skips that arduous process.

Instead, to switch plugs, just twist the ring in the middle until it clicks. (Hence, the “twist” on its name.) It adapts to every power plug imaginable, whether two-prong or three-prong, round or flat. It also includes a 2.4A USB socket and an optional three-socket USB hub.

The OneAdapter Twist will be available beginning June at around the $29 to $39 range.

Source: Engadget

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