Konnet PowerV Duo

For those who love gaming, having their devices always in tip top shape matters a lot. This goes with having enough power to work well. For the Nintendo Wii owners, the gaming experience would certainly depend on how well Wii remote controllers are powered up.

In order keep the enjoyment going, Wii remotes should always be juiced up ready for use anytime. Konnet Technology has recently launched a charging station for the Nintendo Wii remote controllers. Called the Konnet PowerV Duo, this special charging dock uses advanced induction technology to allow charging two Wii controllers at the same time. It is also compatible with the Wii Motion Plus. The PowerV Duo also comes with a USB to DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL charging cable that can be attached to the base and charge up your portable gaming devices. It can also be used to charge other USB compatible mobile devices. The Konnet PowerV Duo is available at Konnet and costs around US$40.

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