Konnet PowerEZ Plus External Rechargeable Batteries

Having continuous power available for your portable devices has become almost a necessity. And when that device is an Apple iPhone or iPod, then it becomes all the more important. That ready power can come in handy, especially if the stored power device itself is quite easy enough to bring along.

One such power solution for iPhone and iPod models is the Konnet Power EZ Plus external charging solution. The PowerEZ Plus is an external 1000mAh rechargeable battery pack that can be connected to any model of iPhone or iPod. Once attached, it provides full power to any iPhone or iPod models instantly. The added power is enough to provide around 166 hours standby time and 3 to 6 hours talk time. The Konnet PowerEZ Plus also adds up to 16 hours of audio playback and 5.5 hours for video for your iPhone or iPod. It is available at the Konnet website for US$30.

Image Source: Konnet

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