Konect USB Watch Concept

For most people, the wrist watch may already be considered old tech. But there are still designers such as the ones from Tokyo Flash that continue to design the lowly wrist watch and create something that becomes more relevant to today’s world. One such example is this Konect USB Watch Concept developed by French designer Oliver Demangel.

When looking at the design concept of the Konect USB Watch, it might not look like a wrist watch at all. Its design does not make use of the conventional way of telling time, just as what most of the watch concepts at Tokyo Flash seem to be known for. But, mind you, the Konect USB Watch does more than just tell time.

The other main feature of the Konect USB Watch Concept is that it comes with a USB slot where a thumb drive can be attached. The watch may also enable its wearer to access the music files found in the USB drive. Listening can be possible via connection with a Bluetooth headphone. As of now the Konect USB Watch still remains as a concept at Tokyo Flash. But it certainly does make an ordinary wrist watch look more interesting.

Image Source: Tokyo Flash

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