Kolibree: The connected toothbrush

Kolibree smart toothbrush

Kolibree smart toothbrush

Connectivity seems to be the theme of CES 2014, as several companies unveil their wares as something that can be connected wirelessly to another gadget. Case in point: Kolibree, the first smart toothbrush.

Expected to be shipped later this year, the Kolibree gathers data as you brush your teeth. These data include total brushing time (and whether it is long enough) and determining whether you have brushed important parts of your teeth and gums.

Kolibree mobile app

This device works with its very own mobile app that connects to the Kolibree through Bluetooth. This advanced toothbrush records every brush stroke, as well as syncs data to the app to reveal important dental health statistics. The app works with multiple toothbrushes, so the entire family can participate. It even has a rewards system and gives out scores to encourage users to improve on their brushing skills.

A company spokesperson told guests over at CES 2014 that Kolibree is “like Fitbit for your teeth.” He added: “The more you know about the health, the smarter you can be about how to approach it. The same should apply to dental care and oral care hasn’t been updated in years.”

The Kolibree connected brush will also provide an API to allow third-party developers to create new apps for it. It will be available in different versions, with a price range between $100 and $200.

Source: Mashable

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