Kokuyo X Viz Calculator

For many people, those handy calculators may have become obsolete, now that more complex devices have come and gone. Most people would not probably take notice of calculators anymore, not if they consider it as a useful tool to make handy on-the-spot math calculations when needed. But with this unique Kokuyo X Viz Calculator, its looks would make anyone notice it.

The new Kokuyo X Viz is just your simple ordinary calculator redesigned not only to highlight its looks but also for added convenience. The X Viz follows an elongated bar design that allows it to be handled and enter calculations using only one hand. This makes it quite convenient to use, more convenient than using that calculator feature on your mobile phone that you might need to look for first before you can use. The Kokuyo X Viz Calculator is expected to be available in the Japanese market by May 11. it is expected to cost around 5,250 Japanese Yen or around US$64.

Image Source: Kokuyo

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