Kohler Numi High Tech Toilet

Today’s world is all about technology and how it has affected daily life. It would be quite unusual if there’s any aspect of life not yet changed by technology. Even potty time needs a jolt of new technology, such as what this new Kohler Numi Toilet can offer.

The Kohler Numi high tech toilet adds state of the art technology into making potty time all the more convenient. It features a motion activated opening and closing of the lid ensuring that users of hands free convenience. It also comes with a heated seat to prevent that cold jolt that users get when sitting on it. Even the feet gets some attention as a warm air vent located at the bottom heats up the foot area.

The Kohler Numi also comes with a temperature and pressure controlled bidet. Not only that, this high tech toilet also comes with a touch screen remote control which allows users to control all the functions at a touch of a button. The Kohler Numi high tech toilet is available at Kohler for US$6,390. After all, high tech convenience sometimes comes at a price.

Image Source: Kohler

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