Kobo eReader

It seems that e-books are getting more and more attention nowadays. There seems to be quite a number of different such devices being launched recently. One of them is the Kobo eReader.

The Kobo eReader is just one of the many similar devices to recently come out. With many of them now trying to compete for attention, the features that they may offer may eventually matter a lot. The Kobo eReader may just have that advantage.

The Kobo eReader also has those general features that typical e-book readers should have- E Ink technology, selectable font sizes, easy navigation, light and compact size and long battery life. But there are also other features that can make it stand out from other ebook readers now out there. It may be just one of those rare ebook readers not to be entirely made of plastic. The eReader is designed with a quilted vinyl back to give it that touch of elegance other devices similar to it may not. What also may make it quite interesting is that each Kobo eReader comes with 100 free e-book titles already installed. This means that people may already start reading it the moment they buy it, probably thinking of where to download additional titles later on. The Kobo eReader may soon be available at Borders and would go at around US$150, making it one of the cheapest ebook readers around.

Image Source: KoboeReader

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