Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Book retailer Borders also has its own ebook reader in the form of the Kobo eReader to compete with Amazon’s Kindle. And recently, it has just announced that it is coming up with the new version of the said ebook reader called the Kobo eReader Touch Edition. By its name alone, you might perceive that it features a touchscreen display.

The Kobo eReader Touch Edition does feature a touchscreen display, which may be quite unlike current ebook readers using E ink Technology. By this feature, it might be closing in on becoming a tablet, if only it has a colored interface. But still, the new Kobo eReader may still attract because it is already WiFi ready, supports PDF files and, most of all, still remains quite affordable. The new Kobo eReader Touch Edition is available at borders for US$130.

Image Source: Borders

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