Kobo eReader Now With WiFi

Ebook readers may have a limited market that covers only those who likes books. Their features pretty much make them quite limited when compared to the portable tablets today. But still ebook readers provide the means for people to continue reading books in a whole different means. But it would take added features for ebook readers to capture a bigger market segment.

But then such ebook readers have partnered up with established book sellers to help keep people reading books and catch up with technology at the same time. In the case of Borders,a popular book retailer, they have the Kobo eReader that has been launched for quite a while now. This unique ebook reader is about to be updated to allow WiFi connectivity. It may be a means to keep up with its competitors who also have introduced their own WiFi enabled ebook readers.

Aside from WiFi, the new Kobo will also feature a better display screen, a faster processor and a longer battery life. The new Kobo wireless eReader will be made available in October. It is expected to cost US$140.

Image Source: KoboeReader

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