How To Know More About Wines With Kuvee

Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle

Kuvee Smart Wine BottleIt seems that even wine connoisseurs can use some high tech gadgetry to enjoy their wines. No, it is not in the production process this time but in the way people can enjoy wine. Just imagine having a smart wine bottle like the new Kuvee and you will get why people who like wines may want it. But then again…

The new Kuvee is said to be the first smart wine bottle out there. But it is not really a bottle that directly holds its drink, if you can say that. Actually, it is a bottling system that features a canister that holds the wine and keeps it safe. The Kuvee bottle simply acts as a “sleeve” to hold the wine and provide some high tech features. How? Once the removable wine canister is inserted into the Kuvee. The bottle comes with a full-color LED touchscreen that displays information about wine inside it. Users can know what type of wine it is, where it came from, what can be paired with the wine and other related data. This does away with extensive research just to know what it is you’re drinking. The Kuvee bottle can determine the type of wine inside the inserted canister.

This system even helps make the wine last longer since the canister is able to prevent air from mixing with the wine when it is poured for drinking. This can make the wine inside the canister last for up to a month. And when the wine canister is all emptied, people can order another refill canister or choose from its list of wine choices right from the Kuvee smart bottle’s touchscreen display.

The Kuvee smart bottle can be an interesting way for people to enjoy their wines when it comes out. Those who literally don’t know anything about wines will certainly learn a thing or two about it before drinking. If this will make wine drinking a more enjoyable experience may depend on how people looks into it. The Kuvee smart bottle is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $199 along with a selection of four wines in their aluminum canisters, ready to be enjoyed. The first bottles are slated for delivery sometime in December of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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