Kno's Dual-Screen Tablet Design Turns Off the Geeks

The tech blogs apparently do not have much kind words to say about the upcoming dual-screened, Linux-based Kno e-book reader simply because for the sheer size of it. At 14.1 inches on each screen and a total weight of 5.5 pounds, it can be a bit overwhelming. (And to think you are supposed to hold it like a giant book.)

“It’s supposed to replace your textbooks. I think it’s more likely to replace your desk,” joked Devin Coldewey of CrunchGear.

Criticisms aside, the Kno reader features dual capacitive touchscreen displays, has stylus and touch support, runs on a Tegra 2 chip with 16GB of storage. It’s like a really, really large Courier.

Source: Engadget, via CrunchGear

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