Klipsh Image In-Ear Earphones

klipsh image

The Klipsh Image in-ear headphones are the smallest earphones out there. This high-end add-on gizmo provides exceptional fit due to its Contour Ear Gels. Coming with oval-shaped in-ear tips, it is very comfortable as it blocks out noise.

The best thing about the Klipsh Image earphones is the way it transmits pure, quality sound due to its noise-cancellation properties. And if you are using an iPhone, this add-on thingy will truly fit due to its thin 3.5 millimeter jack.

Additionally, its accessories are a ¼-inch sized jack adapter as well as an airline adapter. There is also a cleaning tool that removes earwax, and a zipper-type case where it can be stored. The Klipsh Image Earphones comes at a price range of $309.99 to $349.99 and comes in a copper color.

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