Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless iPod Speaker


The Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless iPod Speaker is part of the KlipschCast multi-room product lines designed to wirelessly stream the music from your iPod throughout your home. It easily turns your iPod into a high performance, high-style entertainment center. It features horn-loaded tweeters that deliver precise audio, first-class woofers that create room-filling bass, and auxiliary input that you can use with other PC, audio, and video devices.

On the upside, the polished-looking all-in-one speaker system has a mechanized front dock and can wirelessly send and receive audio with the use of Klipsch’s 2.4GHz KlipschCast standard. The RoomGroove features a unique hideaway power supply and comes with an infrared remote control. It has remarkable wireless performance, with more than 100 feet of broadcasting/receiving distance, low noise, and little interference.

On the downside, you have to purchase a second RoomGroove to have a complete wireless audio experience. Each KlipschCast-ready audio device depends on power outlet, so you can only use it in doors almost exclusively. Overall, if you are after a simple multi-room system, then buy the Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless iPod Speaker for only $300.

Image Source: Klipsch

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