.klatz Smartwatch and Handset

klatz smartwatchSmartwatches have recently gained some attention as some of the major players are coming up with a version of their own. No longer do these watches just tell you time. They can do a lot more- from answering calls to tracking your activity. Smartwatches are actually not just battling for functional supremacy in the market. They are also trying to be the one of the more stylish and fashionable device around. One possible entry worth checking out into this new market is the .klatz Smartwatch and Handset.

With its unique name, .klatz aims to make a splash in the new smartwatch market. It aims to do so by combining functionality with style. It is designed to look like a fashionable bracelet instead of a watch. Aside from telling the time, it also works together with your smartphone to make answering calls a breeze. While most smartwatches today provide alerts when you receive a call or text, you still need to retrieve your smartphone from your pocket to answer calls. With the .klatz smartwatch, you can simply flip the bracelet open to use it as a handset. You can answer calls directly from your .klatz smartwatch via Bluetooth connectivity.

The .klatz smartwatch also features a protective aluminum frame and with scratch-resistant plastic. It is also able to resist occasional dust, splashes of water and rain, although it is not water-resistant. It also comes with a 600-1200 mAh rechargeable battery that can go for up to 10 days in normal mode, the longest among smartwatches today. But while you might already be interested, you still have to wait a bit to have it. This unique smartwatch is currently on a funding campaign at Indiegogo to gather money for initial production. Early adopters will be able to get one with a $99 contribution. Expected retail price will be around $149 when it comes out either March or April of 2015.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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