Klang Ultrasonic Speakers

It may no longer excite most people to know about gadgets like the ordinary PC speakers. Of course they are essential and that most PC’s come with them. But it seems that most of them follow a simple generic design. But what if there’s a PC speaker with a design and function that would capture your attention the moment you see it. That may seem farfetched, but that may be what the Klang Ultrasonic Speaker aims to achieve.

Just one look at the Klang Ultrasonic Speaker and you will know that it is something out of the ordinary. It certainly looks different from any conventional PC speaker out there. Not only that, it also may have a function that is quite unique.

Designed by Adam Moller, the Klang Ultrasonic Speakers aim to have a function that includes being able to direct sound output into any location that the user may want to. With ultrasonic speakers, sound is created through low level ultrasound waves that only affects the air molecules in its path. This allows users to only receive sound to wherever the speaker is pointed and not anywhere else. Quite a unique gadget but unfortunately still at its concept stages. But the technology to make the Klang Ultrasonic Speaker is already there and it may only take a matter of time. You can check out Yanko Design to know further about this unique speaker.

Image Source: Yanko Design

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