Kiwi MPG Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

Kiwi MPG car gadget

These days, checking your car’s speed and fuel is no longer enough.  You also want to know detailed information about your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, and with the help of Kiwi MPG from PLX Devices it may do just that.

The Kiwi MPG is an engine scan tool that you plug into the OBD II port of any vehicle made after 1996, which includes SUVs and even hybrid cars, and can be mounted anywhere in the car’s interior.  At a push of a button, the Kiwi MPG displays your vehicle’s miles per gallon (mpg), mpg per trip, and even the cost of gas consumed during the trip.  It can also display how much fuel your car has used, distance traveled, distance to go before your fuel tank runs empty, coolant temperature, and so much more.  These data come in both imperial and metric measuring systems.

The Kiwi MPG automotive scan tool can also read your car’s engine code whenever it displays a "check engine" light in your console.  Simply let the Kiwi MPG to take care of that tiny engine problem and save a lot of money off visits to a mechanic.

The Kiwi MPG car digital gauge is available on PLX Devices website for US$89.99.

Image source:  PLX Devices

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