KitSound Duo Portable Mini Speakers

Portable media devices usually require portable speakers as well for added convenience. But not a lot of such portable speakers may be good enough to one’s liking in terms of performance and even looks. That is why there is always room for better portable speakers in the market that people will find not only attractive but sound good as well. There are portable speakers such as the KitSound Duo Mini Speakers that may fit right into this mold.

Having a pair of KitSound Duo Portable Speakers may be a good idea for those who wish for good sound quality even when using smaller and more compact speakers to bring along anywhere. This pair of portable speakers provides a total of 4W of power output to provide good sound quality. The speakers have a frequency range of 180Hz to 20KHz and also come with their own integrated rechargeable batteries. Sound input is provided via a 3.5mm audio jack.

The speakers are designed as a cylinder and magnetized so that the two speakers can be stuck together into a single unit. This makes the portable speaker easier to use as well as store when not needed. The KitSound Duo Portable mini Speakers is available at Amazon UK for 22.40 Pounds.

Image Source: KitSound

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