Kitchen Pro Ferris Deluxe Spice Rack

For those who like to work in the kitchen and cooking up delicious treats, having an organized kitchen area can help make the experience fun and convenient. Having the ingredients organized will help cooks do the work faster and easier. And for those who like to use spices, this Kitchen Pro Ferris Deluxe Spice Rack can help keep those valuable spices organized and always within easy reach.

The Kitchen Pro Ferris Deluxe is a practical and yet stylish spice rack that helps you keep those spices organized. It comes with an array of spice jars arranged in a clever Ferris wheel design that makes selection and organizing the spices quite convenient.  The rotating rack is held by a circular plastic holder and a hand finished bamboo frame that gives this spice rack its unique look. The Kitchen Pro Ferris Deluxe comes with 15 pre-filled spice jars upon purchase. While it is available at the Kitchen Pro site for viewing, its price is not provided anywhere. It may mean that this handy and practical kitchen organizing tool may not yet be available but is coming soon.

Image Source: Kitchen Pro

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