Kisai Intoxicated Watch Tells How Drunk You Are

Japan-based watchmaker Tokyoflash has made it a mission to make their watches as unreadable as possible, but this time there is an exception because it is a matter of sobriety and drunken craziness. The Kisai Intoxicated wristwatch comes with a breathalyzer, which allows you to see whether you have too much to drink.

Like the device that policemen carry to check your level of sobriety, the Kisai Intoxicated (pretty straightforward name, right?) has special sensors that indicate whether you are drunk or not by blowing through a hole on the watch’s side. Twist off the cap, wait for the watch to get warm, and once the watch’s LED screen gives the signal, blow at about six inches away from the hole.

The right-side display indicates 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. If the screen is green, you are still good. A yellow display means your getting buzzed, while a red screen indicates you are drunk and you should not drive yourself home.

While the reading would probably be inadmissible in court, the results are accurate enough for you and your alcohol-guzzling friends.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicate costs $99 and charges through USB. The company currently accepts pre-orders due to the volume of orders.

Source: Tokyoflash, via TechCrunch

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