Kintell Smart Home System

Modern homes have become smarter. There is now technology available that allows homeowners to setup a smart home system even in existing homes. These systems provide a higher degree of convenience, in control, as well as enhance the general well-being of those who live in such smart homes. And now, there are smart home systems that target homeowners in certain age groups.  The Kintell Smart Home System can do just that for seniors.

The Kintell Smart Home System is primarily designed for seniors to improve and enhance their way of life. The device or the system has an easy learning curve, making it ideal for older people to control. This is especially valuable for those who prefer to live independently despite their age and wouldn’t want to relinquish such freedoms just yet.

The Kintell Smart Home System comes with features that can help extend and enhance the health and well-being of the user. Its voice- recognition features allow for hands free use as it can recognize voice commands. It can help with a number of everyday tasks such as notifying users about taking medication as certain times of the day and even when they need to rehydrate. It connects to the home WiFi network to also allow family members to access and control the Kintell Smart Home System from afar via a mobile app. It also allows them to use a use non-intrusive means to monitor older family members and interact with them. The device also comes with an emergency pull-key that can alert loved ones immediately in case something bad happens. The Kintell Smart Home System is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The first batch is expected to be available for $99 for a starter unit by the second quarter of this year. Image Source: Kickstarter 

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